Join us on our journey at picking the brains of authors willing to speak with us about their previous, current, and future works.  If you have any questions you’re dying to ask, here’s the place to start.  If there’s an author that you’d like to send to us for a bit of free publicity, send them our way. We love to read, and we love our authors.


07/01/2012 Ily Goyanes

07/08/2012 Robert Foster

07/15/2012 Julia Johnson

07/22/2012 Jorge Goyanes

07/29/2012 James Fuller

08/05/2012 Amber Myers

08/12/2012 Lacey Wolfe

8/19/2012 ???

One response to “Interviews

  1. Example Questioner


    I would like to ask Drew James “If you Only Knew” (Humans for Slaughter) if he plans on updating his long-running series. Or when he thinks he might make it so that the public can read it again.

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