About Me

As an author myself, there is nothing more welcomed than feedback on our written ‘babies’.  This is my blog on books that I have been asked (or chosen, as the case maybe) and entrusted to read and review.  These are my honest, opinionated words and while they might not always be the kindest, they are my truths.  This is the place that I share all things related to the love of the written word.

I am a 30-something mother of five that moves around a lot,  not because I reject stability but because I crave adventure.  I have two published book under my belt, Stockholm, written in my early twenties and published when I was just twenty-five, and Finding Boys, written in 2008 under a different name.  My third and currently untitled book is currently in the editing and formatting process, with no set in stone publish date.

I probably, like most authors, started writing when I was young. I vividly remember wanting to either be an architect or a writer (or a psychologist) when I grew up, as a child. Realizing how much schooling went into the three of them (and the math involved) made me rethink my choices, and along came a family before I knew it, so my ‘when I grow up dreams’ changed. I went to work and pushed aside my dreams.

But like all good dreams, one would not be quiet… the one to write. I started off small, just articles and short-stories for the enjoyment of friends and family. Stories that grew into so much more as friends would accost me in the halls and on the internet for the next installment, the next chapter, the next word.

When I was twenty-one and working for surgeons, I had a lot of late nights waiting for the office to close up and wrote sticky-note by sticky-note my first published book, Stockholm. It took two years and a lot of typing the old fashion way (hunt and peck), and the story was complete. It was published as it was written, rough and incomplete.

In addition to writing a full-length novel, I have written dozens of short stories and even fan-fiction for fun. I write more for myself, but as most writers, would love to share my talent with the world.

As I grow, so does my ability and drive.  I hope that this shares with the world the love of reading, writing, and opens others up to the worlds shared with me by the authors.

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