Bed, Breakfast, and You (Review)

Bed, Breakfast, and You (Review)
By: Lacey Wolfe

What the author/publisher says:
Claire holds the keys to her future, in more than one way.

As if the recent death of Claire Stevens’ parents isn’t enough, someone wants to steal Honeycreek Bed and Breakfast right out from under her. But Claire isn’t about to roll over and let them. She’s prepared to fight.

Jace Brown is Brookfield’s main attorney, and after delivering the bad news to Claire about her property, he knows all about being on her bad side.

As Claire gets to the bottom of this scandal, she’s surprised to have Jace by her side, fighting along with her. The attraction is instant, but can it last after the dust settles?

What I say:

I didn’t know what to expect, mainly because I wasn’t clever enough to look ahead to see what it was about (what’s the fun in that?). This is an adorable little short story prologuing the Brookfield series. I had the opportunity to read this before it was polished and a happy little bow on top, and it didn’t disappoint.

When you don’t have a lot of time to invest in a book, you try to aim for a short story that doesn’t leave you hanging, and this story delivers.

Available on Amazon: $.99 and other sites.

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