Opposites Attract (Review)

Opposites Attract (Hod Bods Series #4)
by: Lacey Wolfe

Book four of the Hod Bods series finds us with Francesca, stranded on the side of the road in the middle of a massive storm. Her car is disabled and she needs help. In rides her night in shining… coveralls?

Randall (or Randy as he goes by) has returned to town a self-made man after the passing of his father to take over his service and auto repair business. Called out into a storm, he’s brought face to face with the love of his youth who sent him away in hopes of finding Mr. Right with the right bank account.

The story progresses pretty quickly as all their old feeling stir up while Randall comes to Francesca’s aid. Could he be the man she’s needed all along?

I’m excited to watch each of the characters get their chance to tell their own story, visit with characters from the other stories, and really solidify the Hot Bods collection.

Currently unavailable for sale through Amazon.

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