Letting Go (Review)

Letting Go

What the author/publisher says: 

The rules were simple and the night promised to be one to never forget. All Scarlett has to do is let her guard down and have a little fun.

Scarlett’s best friend, Angela, has convinced her to attend an event called Text Me. No talking is aloud, only texting someone to get to know them. Rooms have been reserved for those attending in case they want to get to know someone one a more personal level.

After a series of texts that lead nowhere, Scarlett gets one that piques her interest. The person on the other end wants to tie her up and spank her. She finds herself eager to learn more. But that would mean trusting the anonymous texter. Can Scarlett finally let go and experience the pleasure this mystery man has to give?

What I say:

In this erotic short story, we find an uptight Scarlett, convinced by her friend to go to this single’s function where texting is the name of the game. While a few text-offers (including a single father looking for a mother for his children) come, nothing pans out except for a mystery texter that seems set that before the night is over, Scarlett will come to him.

Intrigued, Scarlett gives in and heads up to the mystery man’s room, entering to find it pitch black. Without ever setting eyes on him, she surrenders to him completely.

In the grand scheme of things, it was  a good short story with a lot of fun and mystery.  Realistically, there is no chance I’d ever surrender myself sight unseen to a ‘stranger’ but that’s just the uptight control freak in me.  For a fun little read, though, it does it’s job.

Letting Go by Lacey Wolfe

Publisher: Rebel Ink Press, LLC

Publishing date: October 1, 2012

Price Point: $1.99 (Kindle)



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