Tropical Cougar (Review)

Tropical Cougar

What the author/publisher says:

Will one night with an older woman change everything?

After finding the love of his life in bed with someone else, twenty-six-year-old Seth Reynolds wanted a fresh start and found it in Jamaica. Being a bartender at one of the island’s exclusive resorts has its perks…not the least of them being a very sexy, older woman: Sylvia Radcliff. While she’s determined to celebrate her forty-fifth birthday, Seth is equally determined to seduce the most enchanting woman he’s ever met.

What I say:

I liked it, I did, but I’d find it hard-pressed to call it a complete story. I supposed in the traditional sense, it has a beginning, a middle, and an end (begining: guy and girl meet; middle: guy and girl have sex; end: girl goes back to New York). To me, however, it felt more like a one-shot or a story starter as opposed to an actual, complete story.  It’s fantastic for what it is, the start of a great adventure between a widow in her 40’s and a man in his 20’s, but I would have liked to have seen more. The language was fine, and the sex scenes were steamy and detailed. You could really tell that the two enjoyed their time together in Jamaica, but I really do believe this story deserves more than an offer and a promise.  I would like to see the author take this and really expand on it.  There are so many wonderful twist and turns the author can take this story.

Tropical Cougar by Tamaria Soana

Publisher: Ruby Lioness Press

Publish Date: June 27, 2012

Price Point: $.99 (Kindle, Free for Prime)



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2 responses to “Tropical Cougar (Review)

  1. I’m good friends with the author and I can tell you that she is going to expand this. 🙂 She recently expanded the story, and is writing a few other shorts to go with it in one big book. 🙂

  2. I think that’s fantastic. There is so much she can do with this, and I look forward to how she develops the plot out.

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